“Since joining BNI, I have gained over 30,000₪ in business, have excellent suppliers to work with and I have made many good friends.”

-Ary Lutsky, Interior Designer


“In the last four months of being a BNI member, I have made back more than double what I have put into BNI. I have made business connections here that I could not have made elsewhere, and have really benefited from the experience and energy of the other BNI members.”

-Shanie Cooper, Graphic Designer


“What have I gained from BNI? I’ve had amazing referrals – clients I love working with and would never met had it not been for BNI. I’ve improved my presentation skills 500%.”

-Eli Shine, Business Coach


“I regard BNI Anglit as an essential business tool: As a relative newcomer to Israel with little Hebrew I could not have made the connections or generate the business that I have received from our group. BNI Anglit has a healthy mixture of Anglos and Israelis – I now have a good variety of professional business colleagues.”
-Tom Langford, Photographer


“BNI has given me a deep bench of professionals to recommend and gain from their expertise.  My own business has greatly benefited from the quality referrals I’ve received from my fellow members and has opened up markets that I would have had a very difficult time accessing by myself.”
-Dovid Preil, Mortgage Broker


“BNI has given me new perspectives to business and access to exceptional people.”

-Alec Hirschowitz, Translator


“BNI Anglit has given me an opportunity to network with a dynamic group of business entrepreneurs and expand the opportunities to grow my practice.”

-Jason Myers, Business Attorney


“BNI Anglit has helped me to have more focus in my business, forced me to answer some hard questions about my business and implement solutions, and come up with better marketing strategies. I have also gained fruitful networking ties.”
-Felicia Seaton, U.S. Estate Planning and U.S. Income Tax Compliance


“BNI has given me immense confidence and the joy of working with a group of people willing to help each other grow and prosper, in fifteen years of innovative and invigorating networking. And I’ve made a bit of money on the side….”
-Alan Gold, Copywriter


“For me, BNI is about building relationships, helping each other, not only exchanging business cards.”
-Avril Gordon, Virtual Personal Assistant and Office Manager


“Since joining BNI, I have enjoyed increased revenues of approx NIS 100K per year.”
-Leon Harris, Accountant


“In BNI, I have received clarity, focus, a group of professionals that I can work with and count on, and a few clients.”
-Gavriel Tornek, Stress Management Specialist


“BNI has given me support, guidance and great business advice.”
-Tanya Hakimian, Event Planner


“BNI has given me referrals and has increased my business tremendously.  It has helped me focus myself and my business. I have made excellent connections and worked on some joint ventures.  Also, when I need a professional I know who to turn to.”
-Suzy Kahati, Family Financial Advisor


“BNI has provided me with a constant flow of work of around 80,000 NIS a year.”
-Ali Opatowski, Printer


“BNI has afforded me the opportunity me to meet people I never would have met during my day-to-day business dealings.  By meeting new people with their own networks, it can provide me with even more opportunities that I otherwise could not have.”
-Naomi Friedman, Real Estate (Netanya)


“I have learned that a business should be built from the bottom up, and just being good at something, does not a business make. Cooperation, determination and a whole lotta effort…”
-Amir Oron, Videographer


“In BNI I found my webmaster, who created a wonderful website which brought 42% of my Clinic work on 2014. I also created a logo and full design, translated my current site to English and worked with a copywriter on marketing and building a Blog. I took photos with our excellent photographer and videos with a videographer – all with professionals I met through from BNI. BNI members are people I can trust!”
-Avi Bahat, Touch and Movement Therapy


“I gained a team that gives me new  ideas each week, and help me focused on my target in developing my own acupuncture clinic.”
-Orna Ohana, Acupuncturist


“BNI grows my business significantly year on year.”
-Shlomo Friedbauer, IT Services and Solutions